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Voice Acting

2016-12-12 19:27:52 by Acidtheinsane

I really want ot get in to voice acting but i dont know how to get my self out there or what need to get started I have a Mic and a good one at that so if anyone has any suggestions plz tell me (sorry for the spelling)


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2017-01-19 15:39:06

im not a pro but i to am working to be one.and am self tought. i would sugest if you havent allready learn how to use aduacity and understand how to clean up audio. to try out for some unpaid things for animations or audio comics on youtube. branch out and look for other voice over site to audition for .google is your friend. get a bit of material together by getting cast in you have something to work with for a demo to showcase your skill.. then upload that demo to various voice over sites this one as an finding im getting cast alot more in projects now that i have a demo..and beacuse i have now worked for clients with alot of subs on yoututbe or similer people are starting to contact me asking me to voice in there project straight away. even though its not a pro one made in a stuido..its getting me out there. all the more experince and networking you can make will help you build up your resume and so forth. im at the stage now were im starting to reach out to voice agents. though i feel my demo reel is not pro enough for the industry. got to keep trying and keep pushing. good luck